Author: Nik Martens

Trade without a broker

Can I trade without a broker?

Forex without brokers – how profitable is this move in modern trading? After all, intermediaries in the form of brokers, get profit at the expense of traders, in addition, they know the situation, they can adjust trading orders and quotes in any way. As…

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Trading signals

All you should know about trading signals

Forex Trading Signals is a special software, the use of which helps to be more efficient in making decisions. Profitable Forex signals are now offered on the Internet by many companies and traders. If you have decided that you want to trade using Forex…

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Bad investments ideas

Top bad investments ideas

There are many ways to invest, and it’s great – everyone can find a tool they like. However, it is necessary to be careful when choosing, because some of them are more likely to cause headaches than income. Let’s discuss Top bad investment ideas….

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